positive coaching

Positive coaching dealing
with issues such as:

“Our future generations are looking to us now, please help bring balance, love, joy and peace to our world through sharing the beauty and spirit of the horse and what they have to teach us”.
Judith Beck


We are passionate about people and understand how Wellness and Wellbeing is allowed to be affected by everyday issues at work, school and at home such as stress, anxiety and fear, and how it is also affected by internal conflicts, doubt and self judgement. If these are left they will manifest in all ways leaving you unable to move forward with your life.

Through this powerful relationship of Coach and client individuals will gain insights into their thoughts, behaviour and communication
Challenging them to face and overcome these issues, empowering beliefs, transforming behaviour leaving body and mind to function with focus, clarity, passion and balance.

Working with Listening to Within, following our Personal and Professional Development Programme you will experience learning at a deeper level allowing you to:

Why work with Listening to Within for your Personal and Professional Development and how coaching could work for YOU, Your Company and YOUR teams?