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EAHAE (European Association of Horse Assisted Education

Members of EAHAE
(European Association of
Horse Assisted Education)

“Our future generations are looking to us now, please help bring balance, love, joy and peace to our world through sharing the beauty and spirit of the horse and what they have to teach us”.
Judith Beck

Horse Assisted Education

We are passionate about our horses and our work with people and horses and through this powerful combined interaction individuals will gain insights into their thoughts, behaviour and communication, learning at a whole new level.

Why work with horses? Working with horses you will learn that Being true to self is everything and all of who you are, aligning being who you are with what you are doing. Horses are mirrors of our behaviour and give honest and immediate feedback; working with us only when we are being authentic honest and open. You will learn and understand a lot about yourselves through this feedback; it is about YOU not the horse.

Horse Assisted Personal and Professional Leadership Development Programme

Horse Assisted Team/Groups Development Programme

Why work with Listening to Within for your Personal and Professional Development and how Horse Assisted Education could work for YOU, Your Company and YOUR teams?

We are members of EAHAE (European Association of Horse Assisted Education)

We are qualified trainers through one of their authorized providers in the UK. We are supported by a great team delivering a powerful proven concept.

We will work with you to understand your needs, outcomes and GOALS offering a unique specific programme to suit you.

We are happy to offer workshops one to one, teams, small business and corporate work.

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